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Fisheries Science Research Organization

수산과학연구원 사진
Fisheries Science Research Organization
The Fisheries Science Research Organization is a research and development unit strong capabilities in marine science and technology, culture of aquatic plants and animals, development of seafood products and policy development. It consists of eleven major research institutes: Institute of Fisheries Sciences, Institute of Polar Resource Research, Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center, Fisheries Science & Technology Center, Institute of Aquatic Life Medicine, Research Institute of Marine Fisheries Education, Institute of Food Science, Institute of Low-Carbon Marine Production Technology, Marine Industry Policy Research Institute, Institute of Marine Life Science, Institute of Marine Living Modified Organisms.
Institute of Fisheries Sciences
The Institute of Fisheries Science conducts advanced studies on the production, assessment and management of fisheries resources, aquaculture and resource ecology, food processing and marketing, marine and fisheries biotechnology, and fisheries policy, based on fundamental knowledges of fisheries and marine sciences, In addition, the Institute carries out integrated multidisciplinary studies among the above-mentioned fields.
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Institute of Polar Resource Research
Climate changes of polar areas bring out the elevation of sea level and temperature and ocean currents in the world oceans, further environmental changes on the earth. More than 240 marine species including fish inhabit in the polar areas. Estimated production of fisheries resources in the area is up to 950,000 tons. The Institute of Polar Resource Research has been established with the aim of sustainable management and utilization of polar resources.
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Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center
The Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center recognizes the increasing national competitiveness of the industry, and studies and researches through quality control the research development of feed nutrition the in fish culture and livestock. Leading the area of research and processing work for quality improvement and safety, the Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center was selected as a recognized organization of feed quality examination by the government, and is the only such center in the Gyeongnam area. It contributes to the activities of related companies through quality control and the evaluation of feed and feed material, and strives for the systematic improvement and expansion of its facility, offering devices and labor for quality control, evaluation and development.
Fisheries Science & Technology Center(FSTC)
The Fisheries Science & Technology Center(FSTC) has developed aquaculture techniques applicable to local conditions, helped solve field problems, guided fisheries management, and supported for raising fishery experts since its opening in November, 2002. It focuses on applied technologies and environmental-friendly high value added production of marine life. Its field applied project through the mass production of marine polychaete is expected to contribute to fishermen' income increase and the improvement of coastal environments.
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Institute of Aquatic Life Medicine
The purpose of the Institute of Aquatic Life Medicine is to develop efficient control measures against infectious and non-infectious diseases in aquatic organisms through advanced researches on the etiology, disease mechanisms, prophylactic and therapeutics.
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Research Institute of Marine Fisheries Education
This research institute provides research and development support for local educational resources, development of regional specialization education method, support for research and development of specialized teaching methods and learning strategies for fisheries and marine education, data development and operation, And to support the development and supply of maritime education programs. In addition, we will contribute to vocational education in the fisheries and marine sector by supporting the establishment and operation of fishery marine educational institute, consulting and developing curriculum, researching, developing and disseminating teaching methods.
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Institute of Food Science
The Institute of food Science is attached to PKNU, and was originally established in 1975 to lead the development of the Korean fishery food industry. It has expanded to being a Institute of Food Science from its previous status as a Institute of Fisheries Food Sciences which oversaw the commercialization of fishery products. The reason for its establishment was to contribute to the development of the national industry by researching studies and applicable technology of production, storage and the cleanness of food resources. Its major purposes are as follows: Search and research basic science and applied science related to food Research reports, data and publish technology storage books Open research presentations, seminars, and lectures on food Act as an advisory body to the government and undertake enterprise and consignment research.
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Institute of Low-Carbon Marine Production Technology
The institute's goal is to analyse the current status of carbon exhaustion in fishing steps in accordance with systematic research on carbon exhaustion of the fishery industry. It also aims to provide low carbon exhaustion technology for an industry that uses significant amounts of carbon in order to foster an eco-friendly fishery food industry.
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Marin Industry Policy Research Institute
Korea is situated in "Rim land", which signifies the edge where land and ocean meet, and its importance in terms of economy, society, culture, military and politics is increasing. In addition, the growing importance of marine and maritime resources means that the possibility of international crises concerning ocean boundaries, and the use and control of resources is higher. Foundation research is therefore necessary so that an international maritime fishery cooperation system can be farmed with law of the sea to serve as the hub of discussion regarding the issue of maritime fishery, and combining international maritime fishery information.
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Institute of Marine Life Sciences
The Institute of Marine Life Science aims to improve the competitiveness of the nation through the contribution to the study and industrial development of maritime life engineering relatives by performing maritime organism engineering relatives.
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Institute of Marine Living Modified Organisms
The Institute of Marine Living Modified Organisms was established as a institute to nurture outstanding intellectuals to present relative research and evaluate business according to the LMO evaluation organization of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries. The institute has formed a domestic performance system of law on maritime fishery organisms that move across countries. It performs the tasks set out below.
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