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COLLEGE OF FISHERIES SCIENCE We create a bright future of humanity with an open mind


  • Under graduate School
    Major of Food Science & Technology
    Major of Food Science & Nutrition
    Department of Biotechnology
    Division of Marine Production System Management
    Major in Aquaculture and Applied Life Sciences
    Major of Marine Biology
    Department of Aquatic Life Medicine
    Department of Fisheries Education
    Major of Marine & Fisheries Business and Economics
    Major of Resource and Environmental Economics
  • Auxiliary Facilities
    Training Ship Management Center
    Training Ship/ Research Vessel
    Training Center for Fisheries and Marine Science
    Fish Farm
    Food Processing Factory
    Control Center for Aquatic Animal iseases
  • Fisheries Science Research Center
    Institute of Fisheries Science
    Institute of Food Science
    Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center
    Marin Industry Policy Research Institute
    Fisheries Science & Technology Center
    Institute of Marine Life Sciences
    Institute for Marine Living Modified Organisms
    Institute of low-carbon marine production technology
  • Graduate school
    Department of Food Science & Technology
    Department of Food & Life Science
    Department of Biotechnology
    Department of Fisheries Physics
    Department of Marine Biology
    Department of Fisheries Biology
    Department of Aquatic Life Medicine
    Department of Fisheries & Marine Human Resource Development
    Department of Marine & Fisheries Business and Economics
    Department of Educational Consulting
    International Program of Fisheries Sciences
  • Graduate School of Global Fisheries
    Department of Food Industrial Engineering
    Department of Aquaculture
    Department of Fishery Production
    Department of Marine Business & Policies
    Department of Biological Resources
    Department of Bioindustrial Engineering
    KOICA-PKNU International Graduate Program of Fisheries Science