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Driving force in fostering the advancement of knowledge Technology in the field of fisheries and aquaculture
The College of Fisheries Science was established in 1941. It consists of ten major units in the fisheries science: Division of Marine Production System Management, Division of Marine Business & Economics, Department of Food Science & Technology, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Marine Bio-materials and Aquaculture, Department of Marine Biology, Department of Aquatic Life Medicine and Department of Fisheries Education/
Since 1941, the College of Fisheries Sciences has long been a driving force in fostering the advancement of knowledge and technology in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. Also, as a pioneering institute for fisheries sciences, the college has striven to develop practical usages for theoretical knowledge and to facilitate the diffusion of information to the world.

The college of Fisheries Sciences, as the pivot of the fisheries science education in Korea, aims to cultivate internationalized specialists who will be able to contribute to the development of the fisheries science. These aims will be achieved by researching and educating the theory and technology covering the whole range of fisheries sciences including the production and management of aquatic life resources, the efficient and high value-added utilization of aquatic organisms, the fisheries education and marine industry policy.

Moreover, the College of Fisheries Sciences is concerned with wise management of fish and shellfish stocks for the future, ecological relationships between aquatic organisons and their environments, culture of aquatic plants and animals, impacts of human population pressures on the aquatic environment, development of new seafood products. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.